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There was a time in my life when I had so many negative thoughts about myself. Although I had many good qualities, and people would always compliment me on my character, work, creativity, and looks,

I would verbally express gratitude to them to be polite, but I could not internalize them.

My negative self-talk was the loudest voice in my head that resulted in a deep, dark, depression that almost took my life.

Presently, my self-talk and self-perception have drastically changed. I encourage and clap for myself! When I set goals for myself, I keep many of them between God and I. When I hit my goals, honey, I take myself on a date to celebrate!

That's self-care at its finest!

I LOVE who I am, and I am excited about my future! I am not saying that a negative thought does not cross my mind from time to time, but with prayer and self-discipline, I know how to quickly counter the negativity. I have learned to find comfort in God's big, strong, loving arms, but sometimes I have to call on an  "earth angel" (because I am human) and God gives them a word to give to me.

I am a strong believer in giving someone their flowers while they are still here.

In other words, do not wait until someone dies and speak so nicely of them at their homegoing service. If you have nice thoughts about the people you encounter, share your thoughts with them!

You never know how your words can bless people.

I am fortunate to have people in my life who think nice things about me and are willing to share them publicly! I promise I did not pay them or promise them anything in return!

The next few slides are of people sharing their lovely thoughts about me.

Since God has still allowed me the privilege to be here, I will take my flowers now, please!

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