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quotes from my loved ones 

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"If you can hold on a little while, God will take care of it. We have a tendency to want to take care of situations by ourselves, and we mess it all up. Ask God to fix it and believe he will."

-D. Cooke, AKA, Mom

Daddy (1).jpg

"You gotta look out for yourself, sweetheart."

-E. Cooke, AKA, Daddy




"Try to find  a little peace in every situation."

-S.Cooke, AKA, Daughter


"You don't have to do anything alone, Mommy. I got you."

-C. Cooke-Smith,

AKA, Sun


"Always be watchful. Keep your head on a swivel"

-M. Cooke, AKA, Big Bro





"God, heal me everywhere I hurt."

-C. Cooke, AKA,

Big Sis-in-Love



"You are meant to shine so don't dim your radiance to appease anyone. Stay the course to a glorious future made for you."

-J.Calhoun, AKA, Bestie, AKA, Big Bro

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