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Wall of Intent

Think of a daily intention as a powerful guide that you set for yourself on how you want to live each day, based on your personal values. Setting daily intentions will help you achieve your life goals, one day at a time. It brings focus and clarity to your life while helping to put a positive spin on how you perceive things.

 Each morning, I set my intentions, and I share them with my children. Check out a few examples of my intentions below.

Intention #1

Positive self-talk

I intend for my positive inner voice to be louder than any other inner voice. 

Intention #2

 A gentle reminder of how to treat others

I intend to be a reflection of God's love.

Intention #3

 Love always wins

I intend to let love guide my actions.

***Trust me...

Letting hurt and bitterness guide your actions will make a bad situation even worse. Sometimes love looks like walking away. In the end, LOVE ALWAYS WINS!

Intention #4

 Remembring that if you are good to your body, it will be good to you

I intend to only feed my body nutritious foods.

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