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Life Requires You To Be Present:
A Podcast Presented By
Black Mind Meditation & Coaching

Your favorite mother-son
host & co-host:




Welcome to our new podcast! We will take you on a journey through unconventional national holidays, with elements of meditation and mindfulness.

We aim to provide a calming and insightful experience.

From National Handwriting Day to National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day, we will discuss unique stories and traditions. We hope to provide you with a sense of inner peace through breathing exercises and present-moment appreciation.

Join us as we explore unconventional national holidays and mindfulness.

Episode #1 National Handwriting Day

Discover the wonders of Handwriting Day, a national holiday that celebrates the warmth and fuzziness of handwritten notes! Click on the play button to listen.

Episode #3 National Everything You Do Is Right Day

This light-hearted holiday is all about spreading positivity and encouragement. Recognize the value in our actions. Whether it's completing a task at work, helping a friend, or simply making an effort to improve ourselves, every action is worthy of appreciation on this day.

Episode #2 National Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

Mistakes are like a milk spill - a gentle nudge not to sweat the small stuff. Approach blunders with a cool head, brainstorm solutions, and view them as chances to blossom. Embrace that inner bounce-back spirit to conquer setbacks with a grin!

Click on the play button to listen.

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