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Everything You Do Is Right!

The picture of the beautiful Pitbull above, has nothing to do with anything, other than the fact that Pitbull's are my favorite dog. You and I both needed this photo in our lives. I believe everyone should love dogs. I digress; back to business. Today is March 16, 2022, and it is “Everything you do is right” day! This unofficial holiday is meant to help you right your wrongs from March 15, 2022, or from whenever, for that matter. This could mean apologizing for speaking harshly to someone, mistreating an undeserving soul, or displaying manipulative or gaslighting behaviors (the latter takes a lot of self-work to reflect, acknowledge, and change). You may also need to apologize for not having self-compassion, self-love, self-forgiveness, or for neglecting any of your needs. After all, repairing the relationship with yourself, is equally as important as repairing the relationship with others. If by chance, you did nothing wrong, would you be so kind to share your secrets with the rest of us trying to make it?

Moving on… Let us be honest; it should not take an unofficial holiday to right your wrongs with others or yourself. The next moment is not promised. Needless to say, neither is the next day. I encourage you to evaluate yesterdays actions. Then decide on the level of attention they may need. Whatever you do, do not beat yourself up over what happened. You do not need the extra negativity. If what you did is worth fixing, then do what you need to do. If it is not important, then do nothing. Just DO NOT look back. Do not be a pillar of salt (if you know, you know).

Spend time with positive, cheerful people. Perform an act of kindness for someone. Do something nice for yourself, without blowing your budget or engaging in behaviors that could have a negative impact on your health. There are lots of nice, free things you could do for others and yourself. You could practice gratitude, draw, read a book, or safely and respectfully show affection. The list never ends. The goal is to help you to understand that there is nothing you can do about yesterday. Make things right today. Happy “everything you do is right” day! May your heart be at ease, may your heart be at peace, and may you feel loved. I love you, beautiful souls.


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