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A Poem: Mother

Her unconditional love radiates from her heart to the heart of the one lost soul and that lost soul always finds her way back to her. She loves those who are hated by most, and for that, her crown will carry many jewels. Love is her name.

Her inner beauty could never be matched. Heaven rejoices when she smiles. She will scold you and leave you with your dignity, comfort you with her words, share anything she has, and will cover you in prayer. Beauty is her name.

She forgets when others remember. She has walked in places where most people avoid. She has fought when most people would run. She believes when most would faint. Strength is her name.

She has discernment, a gift from God. She has courage because she takes God with her wherever she goes. She self reflects because she knows she is not perfect. She studies her word to teach her children and grandchildren to be strong. She is optimistic because she knows who holds her future. Wisdom is her name.

She is loved, treasured, favored, blessed, powerful, sophisticated, and an earth angel. Mother is her name.

By: Anna Cooke-Smith

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1 Comment

Big Meetch
Big Meetch
May 02, 2021

Everything said is so true! What is also true is, all that was said is definitely YOU as well!

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